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Strategy Test Process
We provide quick, affordable, and reliable way to test your stock trading strategy (or trading system). For novice traders or seasoned professionals. We offer you to take an advantage of our unique stock trading strategy testing platform. We typically test trading strategies on S&P 500 stocks (or any subset of it). The process is very simple: you send us rules of your trading idea, we analyze your strategy, and provide a very detailed and comprehensive report. The strategy analysis includes: back testing, Monte-Carlo simulation, testing on live data. We can also set-up live trading alerts for you, so you will receive instant non-biased notifications when criteria of your strategy are met. Our historical stock market database contains billions of market data records for candle size one minute and up. During live testing the stock price is checked every second.

How it works? Very Easy!


You explain us your stock trading strategy by filling out the form here


We reach out to you, clarify questions (if any), and provide you with a quote and timing


You accept the quote and our terms of service, and pay

We run your strategy on our historical data, generate and send to you the strategy performance report

What you get

For back testing:

  • Detailed trading strategy test report (PDF) which includes:
    • Sharpe ratio
    • Total return
    • Number of trades
    • Number of long trades
    • Number of short trades
    • Number of winning trades
    • Number of losing trades
    • Average trade duration
    • Average number of trades per day
    • Maximum drawdown
    • Maximum intraday gain
    • Maximum Intraday loss
  • Charts of each trade (if you choose to include them). Charts can be customized for you.
  • Monte Carlo simulation results (if you choose to include it):
    • Number of scenarios
    • Summary chart of returns distribution
    • Average return ($,%)
    • Average max drawdown ($,%)
    • Return to drawdown ratio
    • Number of times account was ruined (minimum balance achieved)
    • “with probability of X% your strategy’s return will be at least Y%”
  • List of all trades in CSV format (you can open it in Excel). You can request any columns for this file. It is convenient if you want to analyze how changing certain parameters impacts the overall result. Beware of over fitting while tweaking your parameters and trying to maximize your hypothetical gain.

See sample report here

If you subscribe for live alerts:

  • We will set up our system to scan the market for you.
  • Once the market situation satisfies the criteria you’ve defined, the system will send an instant e-mail alert to you. Content of the alert can be customized for you.

Subscription cost will depend on complexity of your strategy. Send us your request here, and we’ll provide you a free quote.

Our advantage

Advantage of Stock Strategy Test

Back Testing

You may already have a stock trading idea, which seem promising to you. Of course, before investing money in any idea, you need to be confident in it. There are number of ways you can test your trading strategy (or system). You can do an “eyeball” test by browsing through a number of charts looking for a confirmation of your assumptions, this is time consuming and not reliable. You may use one of online back testing platform, but you’ll need to learn a programming language for that. You may hire a programmer, but it’s usually expensive.

With us, you will avoid all downsides and get a very detailed and comprehensive data reflecting historical performance of your stock trading strategy. Our pricing is very affordable, and average report delivery time is 3-5 business days. Moreover, we guarantee complete privacy of your trading ideas.

We perform historical testing according to high standards and best practices: there is no bias (survivorship, walk forward, or any other type), transaction fees will be taken into account, rules are fully customizable according to your strategy. See an example here

Monte Carlo Simulation

If you never used Monte Carlo simulation for your trading analysis, you probably should consider starting doing so. Monte-Carlo simulation is a very powerful statistical tool, which can help you to answer such questions us:

  • What is the probability to earn X% with my trading strategy within a certain period of time.
  • What kind of drawdown is possible
  • What is the risk to ruin the account
  • And the most important – does the reward worth the risk

Read more about Monte Carlo Simulation

Live Testing and Live Trading

Once you have a trading strategy (a.k.a. trading system) that you believe has some sort of edge to it, and you are satisfied with its historical and statistical performance, you may want to check how the strategy performs on real data. We will set up our system, so it will track the stock marked data according to your rules, and inform you once the market situation meets the criteria you had defined. You will receive instant and unbiased e-mail alerts. In the end of every month, we will generate a summary report for you.

Going live with your trading strategy is an exciting moment! Make sure you are prepared properly. Define your account size – don’t invest too much too soon; determine your position sizing; set your quit point in case things go bad. You will be pretty confident in your strategy once you complete all testing steps, but, remember, usually trading edges are not perpetual.

On our side, we’ll monitor the market for you and make sure you receive timely alerts. There is no difference between live testing and live trading alerts. You decide when you are ready to start trading your strategy.


Q. What kind of trading strategies you can analyze?

We specialize on intraday, swing, and buy-and-hold stock trading strategies. We don’t work with HFT. We can perform historical testing on any ticker intervals which are more or equal to one minute.

Q. How much it will cost?

Our pricing depends on complexity of your strategy. We use our unique semi-automated testing platform, so we can maintain very affordable pricing for our customers. Average price for pure back testing is $140. Average cost for live testing alerts – $70 one time set-up fee, and then $60 monthly subscription, but, again, price depends on particular strategy

You can always get a free quote – just fill the form here.

Q. Can you test strategies on ticker interval below 1 minute?

Currently, we can’t do back testing of such strategies. However, we can setup live testing alerts for you. We can monitor stock prices every second if your strategy requires it.

Q. What is the difference between live testing alerts and live trading alerts?

Alerts are the same and the logic behind them is the same. Once you set up live testing with us, you can just keep it for live trading. There is no additional fee or any kind of transition. Only you decide when you want to start live trading.

Q. Can you sell your data?

Yes. If you are interested – contact us.

Q. Can you help to build an automated trading strategy?

Yes. If you are interested – contact us.

Can I customize the charts for the report?

Absolutely! Add any parameters you want.

Can you analyze a portfolio of strategies?

Yes! Contact Us